Страхование воздушных судов

“ACORD GRUP” SA currently occupies a leading position in insurance of aviation risks in Moldova, also it’s well known abroad as a reliable partner. The Insurance Society “ACORD GRUP” SA is actively involved in work of professional organizations and associations: Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAASI). In 2006, the Insurance Society “ACORD GRUP” SA received a prestigious award, International Award - Europe 2006, for high quality and work efficiency.

Our products

Страхование воздушных судов

Car and motor insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

Comprehensive Cover

Third Party Legal Liability insurance

Страхование воздушных судов

Travel insurance

Green card (International Motor Insurance Card System)

Medical travel insurance

Страхование воздушных судов

Housing and real estate insurance

Property insurance against fire and other hazards

Insurance of sources of increased danger

Insurance of construction and assembly risks

Страхование воздушных судов

Aviation insurance

Aircraft insurance (Hull All Risks/Hull War Risks)

Aircraft Liability Insurance (TPLL/War TPLL)

Disability or death of an employee, as a result of an accident at work

Airport and aviation services liability insurance

Production and Responsibility

Cargo insurance

Benefits of “ACORD GRUP” SA

During 13 years of existence, “ACORD GRUP” SA has developed methods and concepts of working, that make cooperation with it convenient and profitable.

We offer:

  • Individual approach to every customer. It means that each customer can get any information required from our specialists;
  • Assistance in the event of insured accident;
  • Access to relevant information on the status of claims settlement and indemnity payments.

High-quality reinsurance protection.

All major risks are reinsured via the largest insurance brokers and companies Worldwide:

  • VSK” Insurance Joint-Stock Company (Russia)
  • AVICOS Insurance Company (Russia)
  • Société de Courtage en Réassurances S.A. (Switzerland)
  • Lancaster Insurance Brokers Ltd. (Russia)
  • Malakut Group of Companies (Russia)
  • Marsh Canada Limited (Canada)
  • Munich Re Group (Germany)

Why Acord Grup

"Acord Grup" SA currently occupies a leading position in insurance of aviation risks in Moldova, also it’s well known abroad as a reliable partner

Страхование воздушных судов

2017 year

insurance claims12 547


Страхование воздушных судов

2018 year

insurance claims12 547


Making an insurance claim

  1. Immediately take all reasonable measures of saving the insured property, try to prevent further damages and eliminate the causes that can lead to further damages.
  2. Announce the relevant state authorities and require compiling acts on the causes and circumstances of the incident.

    Notify the insurance company, as soon as possible, about the incident.

  3. Make sure you are covered for whatever has happened, and then check if there is a procedure you need to follow.

    Remember that the description of insurance cases and any specific events are always described in the insurance rules, insurance agreement and policy.